The signup deadline for this year’s Match Play Championship is Thursday, May 16th. You may register by placing your entry form and $15 fee in the JHGA drop box or by clicking the following link. Remember, late entries will not be accepted!

Click to register online:

The first round of matches will be played over a two-week period beginning Monday, May 20th and ending Sunday, June 2nd. Two weeks will be allowed to play all subsequent rounds.

Players are responsible for scheduling their matches. Please be courteous to your opponent by making every effort to work out an agreeable time to play your match. If at the end of the two-week allotted time the match has not been played, the tournament committee will assign a tee time. If either player fails to make the assigned tee time, they will forfeit the match.

Matches will be handicapped based on handicap indexes as of May 16th. Handicaps will not be adjusted during the tournament. All players will play from their defaults tees as determined by their Handicap Index. The tournament field will be divided into two flights. Flight winners will play a final match to determine the overall Match Play Champion!