Mixed Member Member is July 30 and 31. Signup is available now in the pro shop and online with the "Tournament Signup forms" link above.
Tee times will be assigned.
If you need a partner for the Mixed Member Member tournament, enter your name and phone number in the "Need team players list" link above. Your name will be available so that other players may call you to complete a team.

Looking for a partner list:
Paul Hiser; 321-917-5280.
Jim Palmer; 320-6255
NEW Rule for 2016; In order to play in the Club Championship members must join the Association before June 1.

Notice to new members: Five scores are required to establish your true handicap. It is very important that you post all your scores when played in order to meet the minimum of 5 as soon as possible. If you need help to learn the posting system you should ask one of the officers or another member for assistance.