USGA Handicap Committee Guide Rule 9.;

Apply Applicable Penalty Scores and Adjust the Handicap Index of any Member Whose Handicap Index Does Not Reflect their Demonstrated Ability.

The Rules of Handicapping include safeguards to ensure a player’s Handicap Index accurately reflects their demonstrated ability. However, in rare instances where the handicap calculation and safeguards do not accurately reflect their demonstrated ability, it will be necessary for the Handicap Committee to consider taking action. When considering any adjustment to, or withdrawal of, a player’s Handicap Index, the Handicap Committee must ensure that the player is: • involved in the process, • fully informed of the level of any adjustment or withdrawal, and • made aware of how long it applies. Rule 7 of the Rules of Handicapping provides details on the process for each of these steps. These procedures are designed to both assist the Handicap Committee and ensure that each player is treated fairly and consistently from Golf Club to Golf Club. PENALTY SCORE It is strongly encouraged for a player to post the score on the same day of play. The Handicap Committee is authorized to post a penalty score to a player’s record when a player fails to post an acceptable score from an authorized format of play in a timely manner. No prior notification is required, however, as a part of the club’s policies and procedures it is recommended to notify players of consequences of failure to post acceptable scores. The penalty score will be identified with the letter “P” for the score type and can be applied by the Handicap Committee through the handicap software. The Handicap Committee should decide the appropriate penalty score based on the intent of the player and can select a high or low penalty score. This will duplicate the highest or lowest Score Differential™ respectively found in the player’s most recent 20 scores. Alternatively, if the Handicap Committee is aware of the score information it may post the actual score with the score type of “P” in addition to the penalty score. ADJUSTING A HANDICAP INDEX If a player’s Handicap Index does not reflect their demonstrated ability the Handicap Committee should conduct a handicap review. Using all available evidence, including handicap software and reporting for analysis, the Handicap.